Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite


For every visual impairment

Screen magnifier, natural sounding speech and full screen reader with robust refreshable Braille synchronised or used separately. Launch SuperNova Access
Suite and people who are blind or partially sighted can create beautifully formatted documents, connect with friends via social networks, or plan that
next trip.

Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite is the full featured version, including speech, magnification, Braille support and many more.



  • Crystal clear magnifier enlarges everything on screen up to 60 times
  • Natural sounding male and female voices speak documents and apps out loud
  • Intelligent screen reader allows you to control precisely what is announced
  • Robust Braille output and input with more than 60 different displays
  • Hundreds of main stream Office, web browser and leisure apps supported
  • Dolphin Cursor to explore the screen and control the mouse pointer from the keyboard
  • Touch screen magnification
  • Multiple Monitor support for: multitasking, delivering presentations or working closely with colleagues
  • Synchronised visual Highlighting, never lose your cursor or mouse pointer
  • Colour schemes reduce glare and maximise reading comfort
  • Get started quickly with: Setup Wizard, videos for learning and CAPS+F1 Help
  • Easy to press hotkeys for reading the screen or changing settings on the fly
  • Highly customisable: magnification, speech and Braille settings to suit you and your apps
  • Access to books, news, podcasts and radio
  • Scripting and API for developers to make almost any app accessible
  • Available in more than 20 languages
  • Specialist product support via phone, email or web


  • 1 user licence
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1 .

Meet Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite - video


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