Dolphin SuperNova Training Course – Full day by distance


At this course you’ll learn to use one of version of Dolphin SuperNova, a software application produced by Dolphin Computer Access [Worcester, UK].
This program helps visually impaired people to get access to computer and internet resources.
You’ll be trained by an accredited trainer for this software, at your location via Skype or phone, one by one, during a full day.


Our acreditation cover the following versions:

  • SuperNova Access Suite
  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier
  • SuperNova Magnifier
  • SuperNova Screen Reader
  • Dolphin pen

You can find out more about any version of SuperNova listed above in a professional and friendly way at your location talking by Skype or phone. The phone call is initiate by us and will begin at 09:00 am. Pleasekeep your landline number free at the training time.

Course’s Content

During the course you’ll learn about:
* Install and setup
* Dolphin SuperNova Control Panel
* Magnification
* Screen colors, highlights and mouse pointers
* Voice Settings
* Reading and typing
* Braille settings and Braille reading
* Dolphin cursor
* Line view and doc reader
* Launch pad
* Settings files
* Situations and application settings
* Scripts and maps

NOTE! Excepting Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite which is the complete featured version, some topics listed above are not applicable, depending by SuperNova version.
For example, Braille reading and setting are not applicable for SuperNova Magnifier, which have not provide Braille features.

Course Achievements

In the end of this course the student will be able to use a version of SuperNova for regular tasks as reading documents and web pages, email, multimedia tasks, setup personal preferences for SuperNova features, and finding help for SuperNova in

Meet Dolphin SuperNova - video

Dolphin SuperNova Training Course Full day by distance, Learn to use Dolphin SuperNova


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