Jaws for Windows Training Corse, full day, at distance


Learn more about Jaws.

During a full day of training by Skype or phone you’ll learn to use Jaws for Windows, a screen reader produced by Freedom Scientific.
For daily tasks in work, school or at home you’ll be able to use a PC equipped with this screen reader,one of the most popular software for blind and visually impaired people


Course Content

  • ◾Install Jaws and setup wizard
  • ◾aditional and available voices, setup voice’s profiles
  • ◾Adjustments; voices, punctuation, verbocity
  • ◾Shortcuts and hotkeys
  • ◾Read, write documents and manage files in Windows Explorer
  • ◾Jaws and internet browsing
  • ◾Research it and finding information
  • ◾OCR and access texts from images.
  • ◾Where I get for help
  • Recap

Course Achievements

In the end of this course every student will be able to use Jaws for tasks as internet browse, write and read documents, manage files in a personal computer, adjust Jaws features according with personal preferences and work in different applications, use OCR facilities for inaccessible pages or applications. Practically any user will be able to use Jaws on Windows OS computers for daily tasks in work, school or personal aims.


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