SaySo – The reading & writing toolbar for dyslexia


SaySo – the reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

“We saw an improvement in 71%
of pupils’ writing skills”

Students with dyslexia aged 11 to 14 using reading and writing software.
Source: DfE Accessible Resource Pilot Project, 2010


Read with Confidence

Reads text aloud!
Reading is simpler with SaySo; relax and listen to your friends’ emails, your favourite blog or the long report from the boss. SaySo highlights the words as they are spoken, focussing your and attention and building your understanding of the text. Or why not break free from your PC? SaySo saves documents as MP3s (or DAISY books) that you can ‘read’ on the move using phone, MP3 player or DAISY player.

Hear SaySo read aloud, highlighting the words as they are spoken. This clever combination focuses your reading, develops your understanding of the text and builds your recognition of words.
Listen to SaySo read Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, emails and webpages.
SaySo will play aloud as much or as little as you need. Sit back, read and absorb an entire report or just hear a tricky sentence whilst researching online. SaySo will even read your emails, so you’re always on top of your inbox.
Human Sounding Voices

Experience the best in human sounding voices with Nuance’s Vocalizer voices. Whether you like to read really quickly, or a little bit slower, SaySo allows you to change the voice speed to read at a pace that suits you.
Available language are:

* Female British
* Male British
* US Female Voice
* US Male voice
* French Female voice
* French Male Voice
* German Female Voice
* German Male Voice
* Spanish Female Voice
* Spanish Male Voice


“His reading age has gone up 2 years ….All he really needed was the ability to change the background colours and text and he is now an independent worker.”

SaySo highlights the words as they are spoken, focusing your attention and building your understanding of the document, email or web page. Choose from three different highlighting styles:

1. Normal highlighting

The normal style highlights each sentence and each word as it is read.

2. Focus sentence highlighting:

The focus sentence style focuses your attention on the sentence being read by greying out all other sentences on the screen. Like the normal style, the focus sentence style highlights each sentence and each word as it is read.

3. Word Trail highlighting:

The word trail style highlights each word in a sentence and keeps them highlighted until the whole sentence has been read.

SaySo’s mini toolbar for reading

SaySo’s mini toolbar allows you to be productive with your reading by instantly reading text selections. Highlight the test you want to read, and SaySo will open the mini toolbar. Simply press the PLAY button, and SaySo will read your selection.

If you’re stuck on a particular word, and don’t know what it means, highlight the word and select the LOOK-UP button on SaySo’s mini toolbar, and SaySo will give you a definition for your word.
Read on the move

SaySo’s Save As button enables you to save your documents or even webpages as MP3s (or DAISY talking books) that you can ‘read’ on the move. The sit back and listen with your phone, MP3 player or DAISY book player.

SaySo’s Scan & read
button Scan and Read Inaccessible Documents

Why battle with reading paper documents, when SaySo can read them aloud?
Place you worksheet or handout in the scanner, press the Scan button on SaySo’s toolbar and then simply listen. You can even save your scanned document for future reference. For multiple sheets of paper, you can scan and add additional pages. Plus if people send you picture or images of documents that include words, SaySo can scan and read those too!

SaySo scans and reads:
•Paper-based documents (using your scanner)
•Image files including pdf, jpg, bmp, tiff and png


  • 1 user licence
  • Compatible with majority Windows operating system

Meet SaySo - video


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