Ultracane, ultrasonic mobility aid

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What is the UltraCane?

The UltraCane is modelled on the traditional long white cane, but the difference is in the electronic handle, which works by emitting ultrasonic waves to locate obstacles in the user’s vicinity. This includes objects at shoulder/head height, for example wing mirrors on vans and lorries, overhanging tree branches etc.
It gives tactile feedback to the user through two vibrating buttons, which have been ergonomically positioned on the handle. The two buttons, when vibrating, indicate the direction of the obstacle; the frequency of the vibration lets the user know the proximity of the obstacle. This type of feedback stimulates a spatial ‘mind map’ in the brain, enabling the user to obtain information about the layout of their immediate environment and surroundings. Essentially using the UltraCane offers a protective hazard ‘envelope’ around the user.


How is it Different to a Long White Cane?

  • Ultracen talks more then a regular cane
    A visually impaired cane user will move ahead, sweeping a traditional long white cane from side to side or tapping at the extremities of each arch, synchronising each tap with their next footfall.
    A traditional white cane user’s knowledge of the path ahead is limited to the distance to the end of the cane, typically about 1.35metres.
    The cane offers no real protection against hazards at chest or head height at all, and very little information about what lies to the side, important to indicate route features such as the end of a wall. Therefore the UltraCane has been designed to give 100% coverage of the field of potential hazards for the user relevant to their direction: ahead, above and to each side of them.
  • Advanced Technology: simple to use
    The UltraCane needs surprisingly little practice. 73% of users feel confident within just a week. That’s one reason why the UltraCane has won the Tomorrow’s World Health Innovation and European Electronics Design Application Awards.
  • The user friendly UltraCane
    Our testers told us they needed a primary aid that would make their lives easier. Their ideas have resulted in a user friendly product that:
    * detects multiple objects in the vicinity
    * has an overhead sensor, and much greater preview than an ordinary white cane
    * is ergonomic, reducing the risk of RSI
    * builds on existing skills from using an ordinary white cane
    * is rugged, hard wearing and easy to maintain
    * is a carbon graphite collapsible cane, so is lightweight
    * works on two rechargeable AA batteries, so it’s running costs are low
    * works on two ranges, 2 metres and 4 metres (as shown in diagram above).
  • Everyone is different
    The UltraCane can be customised to suit your style and height:
    * You can choose from ten different lengths: 105cm (41in), 110cm (43in), 115cm (45in), 120cm (47in), 125cm (49in), 130cm (51in), 135cm (53in), 140cm (55in), 145cm (57in), 150cm (59in).
    * You can choose your preferred tip, from pencil, standard roller or large roller ball.
    * You can also switch between “near” or “far” settings, so the UltraCane can detect objects 2m or 4m away from you, to suit your needs and the environment you are in.
  • Keeping in touch and supporting you
    We are proud that the UltraCane has been developed with the ongoing assistance of visually impaired people and as such, we are committed to our customers’ welfare.
  • Feedback
    Your continuing feedback is important to us and our customer support team are just a phone call away.
    Every UltraCane is backed by our warranty.

    Don’t take our word for it – here are comments from happy customers:

    “When using the cane, people thought I was faking being blind, because I would tell them where things were and go around them and navigate well in different places without a lot of help. I amazed myself sometimes!”
    Ms A Bradstreet

    “The speed I can go at is much improved with the UltraCane.  I get advance warning so I can move around whatever is there, without needing to stop so I can keep my momentum!”
    Mr J McAfferty

    “Independent travel using the UltraCane is a wonderful thing, it not only makes you more confident but simply adds joy and excitement to your travels – a true feeling of independence.”  
    Mr G Murphy

    And the professionals like it too:

    “My clients have been pleased with the UltraCane’s simplicity of operation and ease of use.  Since everything is incorporated into a long cane, there is nothing additional needed.  There are no external wires, earphones, battery packs etc., just everything all in one. It offers excellent protection not only straight ahead, but from the cane hand upwards, which a simple long cane alone cannot do.”
     Mr Mike Corbett
    Orientation and Mobility Specialist, USA

    Imagine being free to go wherever you want.

See Ultracane in action - video

1 review for Ultracane, ultrasonic mobility aid

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Accessible Computer

    I have tested this cane. It is absolutely brilliant.

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